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Canadian Perspective


Facing an aging population and a lower birth rate, Canada's demographic landscape is evolving. The Venture Fund Capitalizes on this change, directing investments towards the dynamic contributions of immigrants, who are instrumental in the founding or co-founding 45% of Fortune 500 companies.

Government and R&D

Canada's commitment to innovation is substantiated by robust government support, particularly through generous R&D grants. These grants not only fuel advanced research but also make the country a magnet for top-tier companies and visionary founders looking to pioneer new technologies and solutions.


Canada is a powerhouse of tech expertise and business acumen, asserting its prominence on the global stage. With leading universities like the University of Waterloo, University of Toronto, McGill University spearheading innovation, the Canadian talent pool is not only vast but unrivaled, fueling a dynamic and forward-thinking workforce.
Core Values

The Deep-rooted Guiding Principles that Illuminate Our Path Forward


We’re inspired daily by our driven, STEM-educated founders. Their hunger for success fuels us.


Our network is vast, linking the brightest immigrant founders in Canada with the nation’s top academic minds.


Every founder, irrespective of background, deserves a fair shot. We’re here to ensure that happens.


Our portfolio companies aren’t just businesses to us; they’re partners. From legal inquiries to family settlement needs, we’ve got their back.

huge honor

Fund Awards 2023

Best Early Stage Thesis Driven VC Firm 2023

Tacenda Capital Inc. is one of the 2023 winners of Fund Awards at Wealth & Finance.

Hands-On Investment Evolution

What we do

Our Model

Redefining investment with a hands-on, holistic approach.

01. Venture Studio/VC Hybrid

Traditional VC models say, “Nose in, hands out.” We disagree. At Tacenda, we pledge hands-on guidance, offering our portfolio companies unparalleled industry expertise and resources.

02. Development Stages

Every company with us traverses through stages – from initial business model formation and legal advisories to growth acceleration and eventual maturity. We’re with them, every step of the way.

what we offer

Why 3D printers?

High quality

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