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We develop & create the future

Tacenda emerged from a vision to reshape the investment landscape, prioritizing innovation and inclusivity. Founded with a commitment to disadvantaged founders, we've rapidly grown both in ambition and impact.

about us

Our Journey

Beginning with a modest $1 Million test fund in 2021, we've strategically navigated the investment realm. With our second fund of $20 Million in 2022, our trajectory showcases our commitment to long-term goals and sustainable growth.

Our Mission

Our Purpose

At Tacenda, we’re not just about investments – we’re about empowerment. Our raison is to empower disadvantaged founders, ensuring a leveled playing field in the tech and business sectors.

Our Focus

Our core is research. It is reflected in every piece of communication and our investments. Our investment committee assures every investment is backed by strong research.

Investment Philosophy

We use expert knowledge and experience to identify the right mix of investments to have a winning portfolio. We put our money where our mouth is, all our funds
will continue to have a minimum of 20% of GP investment, keeping our interests aligned with yours.

Tacenda Difference

Beyond funds, we offer focus. We proudly champion disadvantaged founders – be it women, people of color, immigrants, or the physically challenged. Our hybrid approach, balancing a hands-on method with the benefits of a venture studio, ensures our portfolio companies are never left wanting for resources.



Risky early-stage investing; diligence provided.

Disclaimer: Early stageinvesting is a risky endeavor and many early stage companies fail. Though we provide you with our own diligence, we cannot give you all the information necessary to make a decision. For more information on the risks of investing, please contact us and we would be happy to speak with you.

huge honor

Fund Awards 2023

Tacenda Capital Inc. is one of the 2023 winners of Fund Awards at Wealth & Finance.

huge honor

Our award

Tacenda Capital Inc. is one of the 2023 winners of Fund Awards at Wealth & Finance.

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