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Gateway to Success: Tacenda’s International Cohort Program

In today’s global economy, the entrepreneurial spirit knows no borders. Tacenda Capital Inc. is at the forefront of this international movement, offering a unique and transformative opportunity for immigrant entrepreneurs through our International Cohort Program. This program is not just an investment initiative; it’s a partnership that nurtures innovation and paves the way for success in the Canadian market and beyond.

Program Overview: Nurturing Global Entrepreneurial Talent

Our International Cohort Program is a meticulously designed journey spanning 4-6 months, aiming to assess and prepare immigrant entrepreneurs for the Canadian market. The program goes beyond financial investment, offering a comprehensive support system to guide participants through the intricacies of establishing a business in Canada. This includes expert guidance, market insight, and essential resources to ensure the successful launch and growth of their ventures.

Eligibility and Process: Embarking on the Path to Success

The program is tailored for visionary entrepreneurs ready to transform their ideas into reality. Eligibility revolves around the potential for innovation, job creation, and global competitiveness. The process begins with a pitch of your startup idea, followed by assessments of language proficiency and financial readiness. Our team works closely with each participant to ensure they meet the rigorous standards of the Start-up Visa Program.

Participant Experiences: Stories of Transformation

Throughout our program, many entrepreneurs have turned their ambitious dreams into successful businesses. This section will feature inspiring stories of past participants, detailing how the program helped them navigate the challenges of launching a business in a new country. These narratives serve as powerful examples of the program’s impact and the possibilities it opens up for immigrant entrepreneurs.

Future Opportunities: A Lifetime of Support and Growth

Graduates of our International Cohort Program gain more than just immediate investment and support; they become part of a lifelong network. This network includes connections to designated organizations and ongoing support from Tacenda Capital. We are committed to the continued success of our participants, offering guidance and resources even after the program concludes.


The International Cohort Program at Tacenda Capital Inc. is more than just a gateway to the Canadian market; it’s a launching pad for global entrepreneurial success. We are proud to support the dreams and ambitions of immigrant entrepreneurs, helping them to not only establish their businesses but also thrive in a competitive international environment. Join us in this journey of innovation and success.

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